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In India, the Company has unique core competence in the manufacture of Wiring Harness, Connectors and Terminals. Key products include Wiring Harness, Connectors, Fuse Boxes, Terminals, Bulbs, Cap Noise Suppressors, Cap Filters, Relays and Switches.

Major products manufactured overseas include Steering Wheel Controls, Gear Paddles, WB/CL Switches, Light Control Units, Multimedia Plugs, Airbag-Off Switches, HKL/CL Switches, Pedals Switches and Sensors , Sliding Door Contacts and Hidden Switches

  • 2950 million Terminals

  • 600 million Connectors

  • 180 million Wiring Harness

  • 17 million metres Teflon Wire

  • 180 million Automotive Lamps

Manufacturing Facilities
Manufacturing Line

Product Development Facilities:

At Viney, we are committed to providing our customers the highest levels of customization to enable seamless integration into their products. We have the right talent driving best-in-class software and hardware to enable you to leave competitors far behind. Viney's Milan based R&D facility fully backs up and supports the in-house program to create new and even more efficient products.

Product Development Facilities
Testing Facilities
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